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March 18 2017

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These are the most popular baby names right now

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Remember when that cop pepper-sprayed students in 2011? UC Davis paid $175K to scrub it from the internet’s memory

— Xeni (@Xeni) April 14, 2016

Nice try fuckers.

$175K wasted with every reblog.

Let’s sure they DON’T get their money’s worth.

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gently pet danger noodle

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wiosna, panie sierżancie
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Did CNN just endorse child labor? 🤔

late stage capitalism

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I think one of the funniest things I’ve accidentally taught my parrot is yelling “WHAT?”

The best part is that if he says something weird and and someone else says “what???” he usually repeats what he just said.

Like just now, I was cooking in the kitchen and he heard me boiling water so he asked “you wanna noodle?” but I couldn’t quite hear him so I yelled “WHAT” and he repeated “you wanna noodle?”

Mostly he just likes yelling it, though.

Less funny things I’ve accidentally taught my parrot:

  • to make the smoke detector noise every time someone makes toast
  • to make gross eating noises at us when he wants us to share our food
  • to announce that he is about to poop just about every time he poops
  • to demand payment in the form of peanuts for every instance of good behavior
  • no seriously he says “I get a peanut” every single time and gets VERY MAD if not given a peanut
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Smol snek but still no step

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High Five!

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what a plot twist

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